Reception Year for children is a hugely important time in their lives. It begins to shape who they are as a person, their likes, dislikes and how they communicate and make friends. It is very important that they arrive to school on time and ready to learn and you all as parents & carers play a bit part on helping them achieve this!

You will also find on this page the curriculum of what your child will be learning during the term. Please take the time to look at this and encourage your child outside school about the subjects being taught at school.

When your children join us in September, we work hard on settling them in to their new enviroment and working with parents to ensure their transistion from nursery is a smooth one. In September they will be working on the topic Rumble and Roar. In Spring they will begin to look at Superheros, including real life superheros such as the police and ambulance drivers etc. During the Summer Term we will be sharing a range of Julia Donaldson books to encourage reading, and excting writing.

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