Miss Charlotte Bull – Headteacher


Ms Arris Shanahan – Deputy Headteacher and KS1 Leader


Mrs Beth Collins – Assistant Headteacher and KS2 Leader






  Reception: Mrs Emma Roberts and Mrs Gillian Willis





  Year 1: Miss Laura Talbot



  Year 2: HEAD Mrs Michelle Power




                      Year 3: Ms Lily Lanigan

 Year 4: Ms Janine Parker



                      Year 5: Miss Adele Sayers and Mrs Louise Dunkley



            Year 6: Mr Tom Edwards



Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND): Miss Helen Pinney

SEND Assistant/Speech and Language and HLTA:  Mrs Nicky Empson


Teaching Assistants                   


Mrs Sam Rogers                                  HEAD


 Mrs Gillian Goodwin    



 Mrs Lianna Vaughan-Game



 Mrs Gemma Hilton-Pope



Miss Kathryn Marett  (HLTA)



Ms Veryan Jennings




Mrs Kirsty Tait


Mrs Debbie Brackston



Administrative Support Staff

   School Secretary: Miss Helen Attwood  

  Administrative Assistant: Mrs Marica Walker


Premises Officer: Mrs Kate Giammatteo 


 Hot Meals Supervisors:

  Chelsea Woods