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At The Laurels Primary School we follow the core principle that all learners are individuals, who learn best in different ways. Central to our approach is to account for different levels of ability and learning styles in our planning, delivery and feedback.

All lessons have differentiated inputs and activities so that all pupils can access the key teaching and make progress in their learning. This is further refined with carefully targeted questioning; designed to extend each individual by providing next steps and open-ended challenges. Marking is regularly done next to the child for immediate, personalised impact.

Motivation and creativity at The Laurels also means making practical apparatus available so that pupils can ‘do’ – a sure-fire way to transform a concept from being abstract to concrete. Furthermore, all topics and projects are planned with a purpose in mind; that is an outcome which requires a practical use of the key learning objectives.

Core academic skills are taught as discrete subjects and through cross-curricular projects. Elements of English and Maths take place discretely every day, and are applied in almost every lesson.

Furthermore, we believe in independence. Pupils need to be able to take increasing responsibility for their own learning. To this end we advocate teaching core learning skills such as listening, working collaboratively and problem solving. We also advocate rewarding key learning values such as ‘having a go’, resilience, responsibility and risk taking (making mistakes is good!).

Please also find below further information about the Primary National Curriculum.

Specific information relating to your child’s class can be found within the curriculum tab under each year group. For further information about our curriculum, please contact the school office.

Primary National Curriculum