Mission & Vision Statements

Our Vision


At The Laurels we believe in providing a happy, safe, caring and stimulating environment, where children become confident learners and achieve to the best of their ability.


Our Vision is:

Growing in Confidence – Learning to SucceedIMG_0119

*Independence *Resilience *Collaboration


This means so much and includes:


  • Working closely with you, their parents and carers, to understand your child as an individual, so we provide a personalised education,
  • Promoting high expectations of teaching and learning, ensuring everyone is respected and recognised for their strengths and differences,
  • Always evaluating and reflecting on what we are doing so that we can improve further.


And so much more……




Our aims are that the children at The Laurels Primary should:

  • Be confident, happy, independent and resourceful individuals,
  • Have the skills and knowledge to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives,
  • Be responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to the community and to society,
  • Be successful learners who enjoy learning, are motivated, determined and achieve.


The school community will:


  • Provide a safe, secure and nurturing environment where children have a genuine voice,
  • Ensure excellent partnerships in the community to ensure excellent academic, social and pastoral support,
  • Ensure a rich and simulating environment within which high quality learning takes place

Values at The Laurels

These skills are the foundation on which every aspect of school life and the curriculum is based. We believe that children need to understand how important these life skills are, both at school, and for life. We discuss these Values with children regularly, through assemblies, circle times and by linking them to our planned learning experiences.


The values we promote at The Laurels are:












Within each of these core values, many other values cascade from them, underpinning our curriculum and daily life at The Laurels.