Year 1


IMG_0006 BIG vets

In Year 1, children get used to a more structured day, and we introduce them to a range of grammar, puctuation and spelling activities linked to their topic and literacy activities.

Our first topic of the year is ‘Fire Fire’, focussing on History. The children will research the effects and cause of theGreat Fire and look at the Famous people from the past. The second half of this term will include an exciting visit to the Weald and Downlands museum.

We then move on to ‘Man in the moon’, focussing on History, Geography and Art. The children study Neil Armstrong, and will look at the world from a distance, focusing on the continents and countries. The children become space experts and will get to share their knowledge during a star gazing evening and visit from the planaterium.

During the Summer term we will then look closley at the animals and plants around us suring our topic ‘Wild and Wonderful.’