Year 2 | The Laurels Primary School

Year 2

We begin our exciting learning journey in Year 2 with the topic Pole to Pole. We read books called ‘Lost and Found’, ‘Rainbow Bear’ and ‘Immi’. All of these books are set in the iciest parts of the world such as Antarctica and the Arctic. We look at the North and South pole and investigate what can be found in these freezing cold parts of the world. We use our historical skills to investigate Ernest Shackleton’s great expedition to the Antarctic.

During the Spring term we have an exciting topic – Shipwrecked. In this topic we learn a little bit about pirates using a story called ‘The Night Pirates’, we find out all about some fascinating people and events in history such as Grace Darling and the Titanic. To create a sense of excitement and bring our learning alive we have an end of topic celebration called ‘Shipwrecked Day’! On this day the children and adults dress up as pirates and take part in a range of hands-on activities such as: writing letters in a bottle, making treasure maps, learning a dance / sea shanty, reciting shark poems and even making and tasting special shark themed jelly! At the end of Shipwrecked day we present all of our fantastic learning to our parents!

In the Summer term we start our topic ‘Out of Africa’ by looking at the book ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ which explores the animals of Africa through rhyme! We will also investigate what it would be like to live in Africa through the book ‘For You Are a Kenyan Child’ this will help us to explore the African landscape and compare it to our own including looking at the animals found in England and Africa. We develop our art skills whilst using printing techniques to create animal patterns and tribal masks. We will also try a bit of African drumming! Using all of our English skills we become authors by writing stories, diaries, letters, poems and posters. We then invite our parents in to finish our topic by sharing an African tribal dance, art and drumming

Curriculum coverage map Year 2

Autumn Term – Pole to Pole

Spring Term – Shipwrecked

Summer Term LTP