Year 2


We begin our exciting learning journey in Year 2 with the topic Pole to Pole. We read books called ‘Solo, ‘Rainbow Bear’ and ‘Imi’. We look at the different Poles from and investigate what can be found in each one and how they are different! We use our historical skills to investigate Shakletons great expedition.   We use our DT creative sewing skills to design and make our own gloves for our very own Anatartic expidition!

During the Spring term We start our topic with a ‘Roar and a Growl’ bu exploring the Kenya plaines. We investigate the African landscape and cmapre it to pur own and look atthe animals found in Africa.  We develop our art skills whilst using printing techniques to create animal patterns and tribal masks. We will also try our hands at cooking Bannana fritters!. Using all of our English skills we become authors and write stories, diaries, letters, poems and posters. We then invite our parents in to finish our topic by sharing an African tribal dance!!!!

In The Summer term we have an exciting topic where we learn about pirates, dress up and visit HMS Victory. Working in groups we research facts about real life pirates and create interactive information boards that we share with adults and children across the school. To create a sense of excitement and bring our learning alive we have a pirate day. On this day the children and adults dress up and take part in a range of hands-on activities such as: writing letters in a bottle, creating and making flags, making treasure maps, learning to talk like a pirate and even tasting special pirate grog! To enhance our learning even further we visit HMS Victory and find out interesting facts about Nelson, where he died, how he died and discover the types of foods sailors would eat and where they slept. Whilst exploring HMS Victory we get to truly understand and appreciate what it was like to be part of a crew on a ship.



IMG_0053 BIG pond