Year 3 | The Laurels Primary School

Year 3

Year 3 begin the year with the Stone Age topic, learning how life changed during this vast era when early humans lived a nomadic life of hunter gatherers and learn how life changed when humans began to keep animals, farm the land and remain settled in particular areas. Art will be based around the theme of cave paintings. Science will be centred on geology; rocks, soils and fossils. English will be taught using texts with a Stone Age theme such as ‘Cave Baby’, ‘Stone Age Boy’, ‘The First Drawing’ and ‘Stig of the Dump’.

The Spring Term has a Science focus with its topic ‘Roots, Shoots, Seeds and Fruits’ when the children carry out a number of plant investigations whilst learning about the life cycle of plants from germination, growth, pollination and fertilisation. Geography also has a plant link to the Amazon Rainforest. Art will have a botanical theme with children studying and sketching flowers and fruits. English has a poetry focus with the children learning and reciting some of the nonsense narrative poetry of Lewis Carroll as well as having an opportunity of creating their own nonsense narratives.

In the summer term we catch up with the Ancient Romans and their antics as well as considering what they brought to Britannia. There will be a visit to Fishbourne Roman Palace and the children will be creating mosaics in Art lessons. English study will include texts such as ‘Escape from Pompeii’.

Curriculum coverage map Year 3

Autumn Year 3

Spring Year 3

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