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Year 4

The children in Year 4 begin the school year by returning to the age of the’ Vicious Vikings!’ Through this topic, children will be given the opportunity to explore where the Vikings came and how they arrived by re-enacting a Viking Raid at our local church. A Viking Visitor will give the children the chance to experience life as a Viking as well as introduce them to the wold of Norse myths and Gods. The children’s Art will focus on the artist Kevil Ktam and his amazing Norse themed prints. English is based around the text ‘Beowulf’ and the many Viking myths.

The Spring term topic follows the era of the Vikings by our study of the Norman conquest in ‘The Dark Ages’. This gives a great opportunity to see how Britain has changed over the years and children are able to study timelines and view history through the eyes of others. The famous Bayeux Tapestry will be re-sewn by the children and displayed at the end of our topic for parents and carers to see! The legend of Robin Hood will be explored finishing with the children writing a letter to either supporting or disagreeing with his actions.

The Summer term will explore the topic of Tribes and Tribulations. The children will be able to compare the similarities and differences between  Canada and England and follow the foibles of the European settlers. In Art, the children will study the significance of Totem Poles and of course, be given the opportunity to make their own! After studying Electricity, Sound and States of Matter throughout the year, the children will learn how to Classify Living Things and explore their habitats followed by the always interesting Digestive System!

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Autumn Year 4

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