Year 4


During Year 4, the children of The Laurels will travel back in time to explore the worlds of The Vikings , local history and castles and the impact of trade on our country. They deepen their understanding of 7 continents. It is also during Year 4, that the children have the opportunity to work towards earning their handwriting pen licence.


In the Autumn term, through reading, writing and role play, the children discover what it was like in England during the Viking period, the world from which the Vikings came, the impact they had on the lives of the others and the legacy the Vikings left here in Britain. The pupils will learn key phrases and writing techniques, battle movements and create their own authentic shield to re-enacting a Viking invasion on a local church, which will support them in writing their own diary.

The Spring term the children will be learning about the Normans and the Dark Ages, including stories of Robin Hood.

The Summer term we will be focusing on Tribes and Tribulations!